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For scan your site, please add the file "sys-scan.txt" with this text "Auto Scan" to your web site.
For Example:

$ curl http://your site/sys-scan.txt
Auto Scan

This tool is completely automatic, none of the reports sent will be reviewed previously by any of our analysts. In no way, the report of this tool should be used or considered as a definitive report.


Sys-Secure is a cyber security business created by specialized experts in the sector.

We have recognitions in the national scope, and variety of publications on our studies and investigations that give us a reputed career as professionals of cybersecurity.

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Intrusion Test

Intrusion tests (abbreviated as pen tests) consist in testing an information system's protection methods by subjecting the system to a real situation.
Two methods are generally used:

- The black box method that consists of trying to infiltrate the network without any knowledge of the system in order to perform a realiztic situation

- The white box method that consists of trying to infiltrate the system equipped with knowledge of the entire system in order to test the limits of the network's security

The consent (preferably written) of the highest level of the hierarchy must be received before these tests are performed, the reason being that they could cause possible damage and because the methods used are considered illegal without the express authorization of the system owner.


Application Audit

- Mobile Application Security Testing
- Desktop Application Security Testing
- Web Application Security Testing
Using methodologies as OWASP:


Vulnerability Analysis

Identifying the areas of your systems and networks that can be exploited by hackers is a major stepping stone in shoring up holes within your defences. The problem with vulnerabilities, apart from the obvious, is that you never know when the next one’s likely to emerge. Will it affect the operating system platform, the software or will it be revealed through some poorly written code?
It’s analogous to a garden full of weeds, you can up root them, poison them, even re-lay the lawn, yet at some point they’ll be back, you don’t know where, you don’t when, but there’s a certain amount of inevitability about the whole process.


Source Code Audit

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Thread Protection

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Cibersecurity Consulting

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